Vegetable lunch  700yen



Mochitoko lunch  1000yen
Add your favourite side-dish to our vegetable lunch!


Omelette-rice  1200yen


Pork cutlet-curry  1200yen





Moffle  500yen
Lightly-toasted mochi waffle with ice cream and delicious sauce! 

Fried mochi with ice cream  500yen
Fragrantly fried mochi drizzled with brown sugar syrup and ice cream


Mitarashi fried mochi  500yen
Fried mochi sprinkled with sweet mitarashi bean sauce, topped with seaweed flakes!


Zenzai  500yen
Traditional zenzai made with sweet red beans from the Aso area


Kinako mochi  300yen
An irresistible blend of fragrant soybean flour and sticky mochi!


Smoothie  500yen
Rich flavour from organic blueberries harvested on our farm


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